Not Just Cookies Fundraising:

Our fundraisers can help your organization make lots of dough! We offer the following items for fundraising. 

Preportioned Cookie Dough flavors available for fundraising and wholesale: 

  •   Chocolate Chip (3LB)
  •   M&M (3LB)
  •   Oatmeal Raisin (3LB)
  •   Peanut Butter (3LB)
  •   Sugar Cookie (3LB)
  •   Turtle Cookie (3LB) - Award winning (chocolate cookie dough, with caramel, pecans, and chocolate chips) 
  •   Pecan Chocolate Chip (3LB)
  •   White Chocolate Macadamia Nut (3LB)

Our Specialty Item Flavors include:​

  •   Caramel Corn (with peanuts) (16oz)
  •   Cashew Brittle (8oz)
  •   Chocolate Covered Almonds (8oz)
  •   Chocolate Covered Pretzels (12oz)
  •   Deluxe Mixed Nuts (8oz) (Jumbo Cashews, Whole Almonds, Pecan Halves, Brazil Nuts and Filberts) 
  •   Cinnamon Almonds (8oz)
  •   Beef Jerky - Original (3.5oz)
  •   Beef Jerky - Teriyaki (3.5)

We sell our preportioned cookie dough in 3lb boxes. We also sell our speacilaty items in 8oz - 16oz cellophane bags. We offer the best quality products at a great price! Our  fundraiser can help your organization make lots of dough! We sell our cookie dough in 3lb boxes. 

How it works: 

1. To start your fundraiser, give a call or email! Our staff will help you plan and organize your fundraiser. 

2. You then let us know the amount of order forms needed for your organization (One for every participant).

3. Organize your team, set goals and deadline dates. Run fundraiser for around 2 weeks, collecting $13-$15 for each box of cookie dough and $10 for each specialty item you pre-sell. 

4. Work with our staff, place order, cost will depend on the amount of boxes and items ordered. The rest of the money is your group's profit. You keep profit upfront! 

5. Not Just Cookies will give you delivery date. Make sure this date works, so your group members will be able to deliver your gourmet specialty items.
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